Staff Development

Arc Herkimer provides three weeks of paid training and orientation for new employees. Additionally, paid training is also provided on an ongoing basis throughout an employee’s career.

Arc Herkimer also has an ongoing Supervisor Development program. Training sessions are presented three times a year regarding new management/leadership by the Staff Development Director as well as external presenters with expertise on a specific topic. Supervisory Professional Development luncheons are offered monthly. These sessions, facilitated by the Director of Human Resources, provide an informal setting for supervisors to discuss real issues with their colleagues, and to brainstorm solutions. Arc Herkimer is also one of the founding members of a tri-agency Training Consortium, designed to share trainers and resources to maximize learning for employees.

Arc Herkimer offers opportunities for professional growth though attendance at seminars, conferences and professional association memberships, as well as tuition reimbursement. Ongoing education is supported and encouraged.

Arc Herkimer's Mentoring Program pairs employees who have demonstrated potential and commitment with an experienced staff member. The mentor assists the “mentee” in tapping into his or her interests and talents and furthering overall professional development.

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