Respite Services

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Little Wonders

Our Little Wonders Special Needs Children’s Group consists of children with developmental disabilities, including those with Autism. This service is geared toward children ages 4-7 and is offered on Saturdays at Arc Herkimer’s Recreation Activity Center (RAC) and other Arc Herkimer sites. We use many different activities to help the children with their listening skills, gross and fine motor skills, social skills, and music and language skills, among others. All learning will be done in the form of play and with fun activities. Two-way transportation is provided.

Children's Respite

Our children’s respite group is available seven days a week, with afterschool and weekend programs tailored to give family members personal time away from care giving for their developmentally-disabled child or teen. The group also promotes a social environment for children and teens to interact and to make friends with peers. It is open to any child or teen under 18 years old who is living with their family, caretaker, sibling, etc. Group activities can include: bowling, dining out, miniature golf, camping trips, attending area sporting events, movies, and much more. Two-way transportation is provided.

Adult Respite

Adults ages 18 and older who wish to participate in respite activities must make reservations based on a monthly activity calendar sent to families. Adult respite activities vary and must be able to be paid for by the family. 

Respite Center

Our respite center is available to individuals with a developmental disability, including children and teens, enrolled in the HCBS waiver program. The individuals must live at home with a family member or with a caregiver. Family Care Home providers may also access the William H. Privett Respitality Center. Families pre-arrange respite services to help provide them with personal time away from caring for their loved ones—whether it is a few hours or all weekend. The Respitality Center, located in Little Falls, NY, is open from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. The Center also operates a few weeks during the year to accommodate the vacation and school-break needs of families with school-age children and teens.


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