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Arc Herkimer’s mission is empowering people with disabilities and enriching lives throughout our community. Arc Herkimer provides a wide range of quality support services and activities for infants and children with developmental disabilities, such as after school and weekend respite, services coordination, respite, among many others. Participants and their families are encouraged and supported in the expression of their individual rights and preferred choices. Arc Herkimer provides consultation to ensure that each service package is appropriately designed to meet the personal needs and preferences of the individual. Service packages may include one or more of the services offered. All Arc Herkimer services are provided at the highest quality and comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and laws. Programs and services available include:


Outreach Development Coordination
Parents or caretakers of infants and children that are interested in receiving any service(s) with Arc Herkimer or in investigating other services offered, they should contact the Outreach Development Coordinator at (315) 574-7000. Arc Herkimer’s Coordinator can help individuals or families substantiate developmental disabilities. In addition, the Coordinator can assist with Social Security applications, guidance with applying for other government programs such as food stamps and ACCES-VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation), and/or provide a direction of where to begin with services. If individuals are already determined to be eligible, but wish to access some of the Arc Herkimer services listed on this site for themselves or family members, or if they are working with service coordinators from a different agency—the Outreach Development Coordinator can assist in applying for or accessing programs.

Medicaid Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordinators work with individuals, families, and caretakers to find the agency and community resources a person needs. In order to qualify for Medicaid Service Coordination, an individual must have a certain type of Medicaid coverage and be OPWDD (New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities) services eligible. There are mechanisms for securing Medicaid for minors even if the parents are not eligible.

The Service Coordinator occasionally visits the person to monitor services he or she is currently receiving and to explore new services the individual or family may desire. The Service Coordinator will develop a person-centered plan with the person and his or her family, advocates, or guardians based upon the dreams, desires, and goals the person served wants to work on. A Service Coordinator encourages the people they serve to advocate for themselves as much as possible and will guide them along that path. Typical areas a Service Coordinator assists with, but are not limited to, include Social Security acquisition, Medicaid, food stamp and other benefit obtainment and guidance, recreational and respite services, securing medical and legal advocacy, school advocacy, residential options (both community and agency), employment and day habilitation services. An individual is required to have a Medicaid Service Coordinator in order to be enrolled in an OPWDD Medicaid Waiver Program. Service Coordination offices are typically open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Service Access Assistance

Service Access Assistance is limited service coordination for those who do not currently qualify for Medicaid. A Service Access Assistance Coordinator works with a person and/or their family to help them become eligible for Medicaid Service Coordination, and other OPWDD services including a HCBS (Home and Community-Based Services) Waiver. If Medicaid obtainment is not a realistic goal, a Service Access Assistance Coordinator typically assists in the following areas: securing medical and legal advocacy, school advocacy, public benefit obtainment, employment, and respite options. Service Coordination offices are open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  


Arc Herkimer is a contracted provider for the Herkimer County Preschool program assisting with providing evaluations for preschool services. Access to Arc Herkimer’s Preschool Services must come through the child’s local school district. Parents should contact their local school to discuss their child’s needs. If parents and the Chairperson for Preschool Special Education determine that there is a need for an evaluation, they decide what evaluation will be requested and select the provider. If Arc Herkimer is selected as the provider, upon receipt of the referral contact, Arc Herkimer will work with parents to schedule an appointment(s) for those evaluations. Arc Herkimer provides evaluations for Education, Speech, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Psychological Services. The hours of availability and sites vary depending on the particular service/evaluation requested and to meet specific family needs.


Special Needs Children’s Group – Ages 3 to 5 – “Little Wonders”

Special Needs Children Group includes children with developmental disabilities, including those with Autism. The service is offered on Saturdays at Arc Herkimer’s Recreation Activity Center (RAC) and other Arc Herkimer sites. Activities include art and crafts, listening skills, gross and fine motor activities, social skills, music and language skills, among others. All learning will be done in the form of play and with fun activities. Two-way transportation provided.

William H. Privett Respitality Center – Residential Services

Respite is available to children with developmental disabilities enrolled in the HCBS waiver program. The individuals must live at home with a family member or with a caregiver. Family Care Home providers may also access the William H. Privett Respitality Center. Families pre-arrange respite services to help provide them with personal time away from caring for their loved ones—whether it is a few hours or all weekend. The Respitality Center, located in Little Falls, NY, is open from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. The Center also operates a few weeks during the year to accommodate the vacation and school-break needs of families with school-age children and teens.


Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is available seven days a week. The infant or child must be HCBS (Home and Community-Based Services) Waiver enrolled and diagnosed with developmental disabilities. All activities are goal-directed and based on individual needs to learn daily living skills or to learn new skills within their home and community establishments, such as the library, playground, etc. Transportation provided.


Arc Herkimer’s Compliance and Quality program offers opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in a comprehensive, enhanced Person Centered Planning (PCP) session. During this session individuals and family members have the opportunity to discuss what’s most important to them in their lives with one of Arc Herkimer’s trained Personal Outcome Measures® Interviewers. At the conclusion of the interview, individuals determine specific areas of their lives where they chose to receive supports and services to assist them in achieving their life goals. The Personal Outcome Measures® interview empowers individuals and their family to envision individualized possibilities for their future; determine supports and resources for each person; and enrich lives with unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. In addition to the Personal Outcome Measures® tool Arc Herkimer offers other Person Centered Planning tools upon request which include: PATH (Planning Alternatives Tomorrows with Hope), MAPS (McGill Action Plan System), Essential Lifestyle Planning, Framework for Planning, and Importance Satisfaction Mapping.


The Vice President - Compliance & Quality/Corporate Compliance Officer oversees Arc Herkimer’s Ethics Helpline, a confidential secure voice mail system that is committed to timely identification and resolution of all issues that may adversely affect individuals supported, staff, and/or Arc Herkimer. People can call anonymously. Telephone calls to the Ethics Helpline might include: known episode of misconduct or violation of agency procedures and/or questions regarding documentation or the implementation of agency policy. To call the Ethics Helpline, dial (315) 866-7946.

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