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Career Connections Office
257 N. Main Street, Herkimer, NY
Questions regarding programs: (315) 574-7883
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Walk-ins welcome

Career Connections, a division of Arc Herkimer, assists individuals with disabilities, ages 16 and older, in obtaining meaningful employment, based on each person’s interests, skills and needs. Services are provided in a variety of settings. All activities and opportunities support people in achieving their vocational dreams and establishing their place in the community. Career Connection employment training services include: school to work programs job-readiness programs, internships, and career exploration and training programs.

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The following are options and programs that are available to help individuals obtain their vocational goals:

Employment Planning

Discuss and explore career dreams/opportunities in individual and group settings with the support of highly trained, experienced staff who help job seekers navigate their way to employment.

Work Readiness Training

Acquire employment and social skills through training that encompasses good work ethics, communication, dressing for success, and social interaction with fellow workers and supervisors. Career Connections has a computer lab that can be utilized to prepare individuals for competitive employment by assisting them in the development of a resume, job applications and practice of interview techniques. Help is also available for online applications. 

Coaching Supports for Post-Secondary Education/ Internships

Career Connections can aid students/adults in securing an employer-based, paid work experience opportunity. This service is designed to provide individuals with real work experiences and opportunities to network in actual business environments consistent with their vocational goals.

Computer Lab

Career Connections offers a day habilitation program for individuals to learn computer skills such as typing, learn skills to master the keyboard, publisher, power point, social media applications, excel, and many other computer programs specific to the individual’s choice.  There is a Computer Lab Instructor for individual and group teaching.

Community Employment

Individuals are hired at community jobs, while still receiving support through Career Connections staff. Supports are ongoing and can occur on or off the worksite.

Job Development

Career Connections helps individuals to find and secure jobs that meet each person’s interests, skills, and needs.

Intensive Job Coaching Services

Individuals receive assistance in learning a new job and adjusting to all aspects of the work environment. Supports are provided in proportion to the degree of independence achieved and maintained.

Extended Job Coaching Services

Ongoing on- or off-site follow-up with individuals and employers is provided for the duration of the job. Also, 0ff-site follow-up with families, clinical supports and others occurs to assist the individual.

Herkimer Industries/Arc Herkimer Business Park

Within the Herkimer Industries' vocational program setting, the following contract work is currently available: Small Bench Assembly, Packaging, Industrial Sewing, and Mechanical Assembly work. Herkimer Industries may be an appropriate place to learn a skill to enter or re-enter the world of work.

Coaching Supports for Post-Secondary Education

Career Connections helps students navigate and adjust to the demands of college such as scheduling, time management, researching and connecting to campus resources.

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is an international trademarked and copyrighted program model, which focuses solely on employment for participants. The local program is a 40-week partnership between Arc Herkimer and Herkimer College with a sole objective and intensive focus on achieving competitive employment and maximum independence for each participant. Each intern participates in daily classroom instruction and gains hands-on work experience by rotating among three unique, unpaid internships, from August to May, at various sites at Herkimer College throughout the academic year. Skills learned by the interns will be marketable in their search for community employment.
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STEPS: A Pathway to Employment

STEPS (Supportive Training & Education a Plan for Success), with a career hub at Herkimer College, creates community integrated supports through a community based integrated learning environment that assists individuals in moving forward in career choice, vocational exploration, and life skill acquisition using a person centered, whole person approach to support the person with a disability in the life they choose.
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Out of School Youth Services Program

Career Connections, in partnership with Herkimer Working Solutions, will provide an assessment of the academic level, skill levels, and service needs of each participant, ages 16 to 24, with and without disabilities. Service strategies will be developed for each participant that identify career pathways that include education and employment goals. Assistance will be provided to the participants that will lead to the attainment of a secondary school diploma, preparation for postsecondary educational and training opportunities, links between academic and occupational education.
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Adult Behavioral Health Home & Community Based Services

HCBS services help to improve an individual’s quality of life by providing assistance for getting and keeping a job, getting into school and graduating, managing stress, and living independently. HCBS services can help individuals to meet their recovery goals. HCBS services are only available to individuals in a HARP plan or an HIV SNP who are HARP eligible. (Must be 21 or older, be insured only by Medicaid, and be eligible for Medicaid Managed Care.) In order to receive HCBS services, individuals must receive an assessment and have a comprehensive plan of care developed by a care manager. In order to provide HCBS services, a provider must be designated by New York State.

Types of HCBS Services include: education support; pre-vocational; intensive supported employment, ongoing supported employment; and family support and training.
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Transportation Services

Transportation services may be available.  

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