Habilitation Services

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Day Habilitation

Site-based Day Habilitation is available to those who are 18 years or older who have Medicaid. The individual must be HCBS waiver enrolled and diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Day Habilitation is traditionally provided at one of our first-class sites, but also out in the community. Our Direct Support Professionals work with individuals to address their goals, and then we work on them through meaningful activities such as pottery, yoga, dance, art, music, gardening, cooking, computer skills, field trips in the community, and more!

In addition to daily schedules we also offer supplemental day habilitation for a shorter period of time upon request. Day Habilitation also includes services provided at external, local community agencies that would like assistance with various tasks such as: local churches for cleaning, animal shelters for assisting with the animals, fire departments for cleaning vehicles, and more. Individuals must be somewhat independent and have the ability to be left alone in a restroom, or need minimal assistance due to the nature of the settings visited. Transportation is included for all Day Habilitation Services.

We have various sites where we provide day habilitation services. Our main building at 350 South Washington, Street in Herkimer provides classroom settings, as well as a kitchen, gym, and recreation areas for individuals. Our Gail W. Brown Center on Folts Street in Herkimer has a dance studio, greenhouse, and soaking tub, among other amenities that make it a great resource for habilitation. Our Career Connections building boasts a spacious computer lab for learning, as well as a hands-on pottery room for individuals to enjoy. Not to mention, our Arc Park, Herkimer Industries, and Goods Store provide other amazing avenues of service for the people we support.

Specifically for individuals over 60, our Arc Herkimer Senior Center is an exceptional resource for those looking for day habilitation services. Placement is determined upon request and is geared toward the aging population. Individuals must have the desire to participate in their local community and other senior events. Activities include field trips, bingo, luncheons, board games, arts and crafts, and much more.

Community Habilitation                                                                                                                

Community Habilitation is a waiver service that is provided in a non-certified site and is intended to assist individuals with developmental disabilities, providing instruction in daily skills necessary for independence. Each participant has an individualized plan that outlines the skills they would like to develop further. Habilitative services in the community facilitate community inclusion, integration, and relationship building. Community Habilitation is offered seven days a week to all ages, tailored to each group respectively. Young children may experience activities such as going to the library or playground, while older children and teens may go shopping, out to restaurants, and more. Adult community activities may include things like dances, cooking, art classes, and more. Participants must be HCBS waiver enrolled. Transportation is provided.

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