Accessing Services

Outreach Service Coordinator (315) 574-7000

Anyone interested in or wanting more information about service(s) with Arc Herkimer or in investigating other services offered, should contact the Outreach Service Coordinator at (315) 574-7000. Arc Herkimer’s Coordinator can help individuals or families substantiate developmental disabilities. In addition, the Coordinator can assist with Social Security applications, guidance with applying for other government programs such as food stamps and ACCES-VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation), and/or provide a direction of where to begin with services. If individuals are already determined to be eligible, but wish to access some of the Arc Herkimer services listed on this site for themselves or family members, or if they are working with Care Coordinators from a Care Coordination Agency—the Outreach Service Coordinator can assist in applying for or accessing Arc Herkimer programs.

Eligibility Assistance

Many programs require that individuals are deemed eligible to participate in New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) supports and services. Professional staff will work one-on-one with individuals/families to navigate through the eligibility process. This is a free service offered by Arc Herkimer. 

Service Access Assistance

Service Access Assistance is limited service coordination for those who do not currently qualify for Medicaid. The Outreach Service Coordinator may be able to work with a person and/or their family to help them become eligible for Medicaid Service Coordination, and other OPWDD services including a HCBS (Home and Community-Based Services) Waiver. If Medicaid obtainment is not a realistic goal, the Outreach Service Coordinator typically assists in the following areas: securing medical and legal advocacy, school advocacy, public benefit obtainment, employment, and respite options.  

Person Centered Planning

Arc Herkimer’s Compliance and Quality program offers opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in a comprehensive, enhanced Person Centered Planning (PCP) session. During this session individuals and family members have the opportunity to discuss what’s most important to them in their lives with one of Arc Herkimer’s trained Personal Outcome Measures® Interviewers. At the conclusion of the interview, individuals determine specific areas of their lives where they chose to receive supports and services to assist them in achieving their life goals. The Personal Outcome Measures® interview empowers individuals and their family to envision individualized possibilities for their future; determine supports and resources for each person; and enrich lives with unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. In addition to the Personal Outcome Measures® tool Arc Herkimer offers other Person Centered Planning tools upon request which include: PATH (Planning Alternatives Tomorrows with Hope), MAPS (McGill Action Plan System), Essential Lifestyle Planning, Framework for Planning, and Importance Satisfaction Mapping. (*Families need to specifically ask for this service.*)

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