Self-Advocacy & Spirituality

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Spirituality Group

This program allows individuals opportunities to participate in nondenominational spiritual retreats, Coffeehouses, services, and bible study groups. These opportunities are offered throughout the year to any individual with a developmental disability in various locations within the community as well Arc Herkimer sites. This service is often enhanced through the commitment and planning of volunteers from the community and individuals from community houses of worship. Volunteers and participants are always welcome.

Self-Advocacy Group

Arc Herkimer supports an organized Self-Advocacy Group, whose representatives contribute to serve as a “voice” for people with disabilities. “People Are Beautiful” accomplishments include sharing ideas and concerns with Arc Herkimer administration and the community, communicating with local, state and national government representatives, and attending state and national conferences. The group also hosts fund raisers throughout the year so they can attend conferences. The group conducts an annual essay contest with Herkimer County 5th graders titled, “Project Respect.” Project Respect helps to break down barriers and educate students that people with disabilities are good sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, neighbors, coworkers and bosses. Students find through the essay writing process that the differences among us are not so profound at all. Additionally, Self-Advocacy classes are presented within several Arc Herkimer programs, which help to develop and promote self and group independence. Individuals are encouraged to speak out on issues and to promote equal rights.

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