A Look at Criminal Justice and Legal Proceedings Related to Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Herkimer College, Reservoir Rd., Herkimer, NY

Friday, October 5th     9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Herkimer College, 100 Reservoir Road, Herkimer, NY

This workshop provides an in-depth look at criminal justice and legal proceedings related to autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The sessions will illustrate the clinical features of autism and neurodevelopmental challenges with regard to behavior, social interactions, sensory triggers and decision-making. Correlations will be made between the legal involvement an individual may experience as a witness, suspect or victim of a crime and the many misconceptions about this population that currently exist.

By becoming familiar with this population and learning practical communication strategies, those in attendance will be able to manage stressful situations before they escalate into a full-blown crisis. Just as each emergency differs from the next, so does the individual involved, especially with regard to autism spectrum and neurodevelopmental challenges. This is particularly important for police officers who encounter a multitude of individuals facing emergencies each day.

Through case examples and group participation, attendees will learn specific tactics that can be helpful when encountering someone who is stimming, hallucinating, naked, hesitating or in crisis. Parents, mental health and law enforcement professionals in attendance will gain a working knowledge of these disorders, enabling them to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved in a potentially volatile situation. 

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