The Herkimer County Chapter of NYSARC, Inc. does business as Arc Herkimer, which was incorporated in 1969 in New York State as a private not-for-profit organization. While our main offices are located in Herkimer, NY, Arc Herkimer provides services and supports at over 40 different sites throughout Herkimer County for over 600 people with disabilities. Additionally, the agency provides several different divisional outlets for the local, state, and national communities to enjoy. Arc Herkimer continues to grow, holding onto our title of the second-largest employer in Herkimer County, with over 350 employees. Through funding, grants, donations, fundraising events, and revenue from our different divisions, Arc Herkimer is able to offer first-class services and community opportunities unlike any other agency. Our vision, values, and goals work together to form the very core of our agency--our mission.

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