2020 Annual Appeal

 Dear Arc Herkimer Supporter:

What a crazy year for us all!!  To think we had to shut down our Day programming for four months is not something anyone could have ever imagined.  Our staff have been unbelievable in their care of the people we support. 

Our agency budget remains a bit of a mystery as New York State and the Federal Government are currently in a state of disrepair.  Not only are we navigating our way through 2020, but 2021 appears to be bringing more uncertainty into the fold.

What can we do to lift our spirits?  How about some recreation fun?  The 161-acre golf course we acquired this year (MV Golf & Event Center) offers a great deal of opportunities for activities well beyond golf.  Our long-term plan is to have the facility open year-round.  Consequently, we have a year end appeal to help with that goal.

Our Happy Hut will be an outdoor shed acquired for the purpose of housing recreation equipment for the people we support. The goal would be to have it available with Golf Club Sets, Cross Country Skis, Snowshoes, Sleds, and other items suited for fun.

Happy Hut will be available for all programming to take full advantage of our course and will have a covered patio and benches for individuals to change into their recreation gear.

The cost of Happy Hut and all the equipment needed to operate is $25,000.  We’re hoping you can help us reach that goal to provide ongoing recreational activity for the hundreds of people we call family.

Here’s hoping you can help us with your generous end of year donation today! Click here to help support our goal or feel free to call 315-574-7525 during regular business hours to make your donation by phone. 

Thank You-
Kevin Crosley


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