Arc Herkimer Membership

Membership Matters!

We need your help. More than ever, Arc Herkimer members must stand as a unified force to support people with disabilities. In these unusually challenging times, all nonprofit organizations are pressed to consistently offer quality, professional services. As we strive to accomplish our mission of empowering people with disabilities and enriching lives throughout our community, we ask you to renew your Arc Herkimer membership or join for the first time. For only $10 per year (and $5 for each additional family member) you can make a tremendous difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Click Here to become a member of Arc Herkimer or to renew your membership!

Here are some of the ways Arc Herkimer members make an impact:

  • We advocate for critical state legislative issues affecting the lives of people with disabilities through our messages to state lawmakers and decision makers.

  • Your membership helps us accomplish our mission and strengthen our voice as part of NYSARC, as we fight for causes such as housing, education and transportation, all of which greatly affect people with disabilities in Herkimer County.

  • Our voting strength with NYSARC is directly correlated to membership, not population, so our membership directly adds to our strength in speaking for the needs of our county.

  • We champion federal legislative issues affecting the lives of people with disabilities and their families throughout the United States through our affiliation with The Arc of the United States. The larger our membership, the more effective The Arc can be with our national lawmakers.

  • We empower people with disabilities by increasing awareness of their needs, rights and, most importantly, their abilities. Strong membership demonstrates that our community is supportive. The more members we have, the smoother the path for people with disabilities to fully enjoy our community.

  • The impact of your participation is extraordinary, especially as the stakes become greater for those we support. Thank you for your consideration!

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