Boilermaker Charity Bib Supporter

Arc Herkimer's 2019 Boilermaker Charity Bibs

The Boilermaker Charity Bib was born out of the desire of the race to give back to the community that has supported and grown the race year after year for the last 42 years. In the past seven years, Charity Bib has supported over dozens of local nonprofits in raising over $600,000. 100% of the funds raised through Charity Bib goes to the organizations selected that year. In 2019, Arc Herkimer has been selected to receive six bibs for our runners to fundraise over $500 each. You can support our runners and Arc Park by donating to your favorite runner!

Arc Herkimer President/CEO Kevin Crosley says, "We cannot be more excited to be a 2019 Charity Bib Partner to help make Arc Park in Herkimer, NY an even healthier place for families. The recreation park opened in June 2017 as a nine-county, regional destination available to people of all ages and abilities. The vision of community integration for people with and without disabilities has been realized as thousands of people have used the facilities. Due to funding limitations, Arc Park was constructed without bathrooms and water fountains, features that encourage greater and extended use of the park. Visitors, while overwhelmingly positive, have noted the absence of both. Bathrooms will be installed in Spring 2019. We will utilize the funds raised by Boilermaker Charity Bibs to construct two water fountains. Humid summers are now routine in Central New York, and hydration is fundamental to healthy play and recreation.”

Thanks to our Arc Herkimer Boilermaker Runners, who include Brittany Neff, Abbigail Perkett, Audrey Piccione, Angela Cook, Keith Johnson, and Shayna Huyck.



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