Circle of Friends

Connecting the Circles

To effectively provide programs and services for our community, Arc Herkimer seeks collaborations and partnerships. Among those historically crucial support streams is the Circle of Friends, a philanthropic group who share in their commitment to the mission of Arc Herkimer. Circle members, through thoughtful engagement with the agency, become ambassadors, representing Arc Herkimer in many networks throughout our community. Circle members are an extension of the agency’s voice, sharing our mission and values with others. The generosity of the Circle of Friends members allows Arc Herkimer to fulfill its mission proudly and without compromise. All funds raised through Arc Herkimer’s Circle of Friends are directed toward the Arc Herkimer Endowment Fund. These resources allow Arc Herkimer to maintain the highest professional standards and guarantee that those we serve are provided quality, person-centered services they deserve

Benefits of Membership

As a Circle of Friends member you will feel positive about supporting an agency and a mission you care about AND, you get to have fun doing it! We advocate for critical state legislative issues affecting people with disabilities. Our voice is stronger, having a greater chance for impact with more members. You will also enjoy a whole host of special events throughout the year as a Circle of Friends member.

Creating the Circle

Joining the Circle of Friends is easy. There are no long-term commitments as renewal takes place annually. You simply let us know you want to be part of our Circle, and we will arrange your annual dues contribution in the schedule and form that is best for you. Membership can be paid all at once, monthly or anything in between with cash, check or credit card. Your membership is what matters, not the how.

Platinum Circle
Gifts at the $2,000 level

Four Individuals Included

Gold Circle
Gifts at the $1,000 level
Two Individuals Included

Bronze Circle
Gifts at the $500 level
One Individual Included

To join our Circle of Friends and pay online please CLICK HERE! 

For business membership opportunities, please call (315) 574-7000.

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