Frequently Asked Questions

If I want Arc Herkimer services for myself or a family member, who do I call?

Individuals interested in receiving any service(s) or investigating the services offered, should contact the Arc Herkimer Outreach Development Coordinator at (315) 574-7000. The Coordinator can help individuals or families substantiate developmental disabilities. In addition, the Coordinator links families with services and/or provide a direction of where to begin with services. If individuals are already determined to be eligible, but wish to access some of the Arc Herkimer services listed on this site for themselves or family members, or if they are Service Coordinators from a different agency—the Outreach Development Coordinator can assist in applying for or accessing programs.

Does Arc Herkimer serve just people with mental retardation? 

No, Arc Herkimer serves individuals with many types of developmental disabilities including: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy, among others. We also serve those with physical and psychiatric disabilities, and learning disabilities. Arc Herkimer also provides services for the families of those with disabilities through respite, guardianship, parenting, employment, and prevention services.   

If Arc Herkimer is funded through Medicaid, why do you need to fundraise?

While New York State does reimburse the Arc Herkimer for the services we provide, it only pays for the services it deems as “necessary.”  We believe that it is our services that go above and beyond that make the Arc Herkimer a special place for the individuals we support and our community. Programs that we offer that are unfunded through Medicaid include: Guardianship, Spirituality, and Self-Advocacy. In addition, our respite, recreation, and residential programs are enhanced tremendously through support beyond what New York State reimburses.

There can’t be too many people who need your services in Herkimer County?

On the contrary, the Arc Herkimer’s trained and caring staff provides services for more nearly 700 people in Herkimer County. Studies indicate that 2% of our population has a developmental disability. This would mean that more than 1,200 people in Herkimer County would be eligible for our services. In addition, we employ nearly 400 people to provide $25+ million in services—making Arc Herkimer one of the largest employer in Herkimer County.

How can I become involved at the Arc Herkimer? 

Arc Herkimer is always looking for individuals willing to donate their time and talents: whether it is playing bingo at the Senior Center, serving on a specific committee, or assisting with one of Arc Herkimer’s fundraisers. All Arc Herkimer volunteers are screened to ensure the safety of the individuals we serve. Contact the Arc Herkimer’s Volunteer Coordinator at (315) 574-7000 for more information.

Additionally, individuals and their family members can become an Arc Herkimer Life is Beautiful member to support our “voice” to advocate for the individuals we serve at both the state and national levels. Membership costs are minimal. For more information, contact the Arc Herkimer’s Fund Development Director at (315) 574-7000.

How can I financially support the meaningful programs at the Arc Herkimer?

Arc Herkimer invites individuals and businesses from the community, along with staff and families, to support unfunded or under-funded programs with their financial support. For more information on the various ways you can donate to the Arc Herkimer, please visit the How You Can Give section of our web site or contact the Arc Herkimer’s Development Director at (315) 574-7000.

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